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Meet the Mushrooms: Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms that Can Transform Your Health

For many, mushrooms can at first seem quite intimidating. Yet once you become more familiar with these fungi, you’ll find many mushrooms not only taste great, but they also have a number of health benefits. Discover 9 of the top mushrooms and their health benefits.

Support Your Immunity, Lungs & Stress Levels

Learn about effective, inexpensive things you can do to support your immunity, your lungs and your stress levels in this free online training series. Learn the science behind why these treatments can help you. Some of what I’m recommending you probably already have in your kitchen or can pick in your yard or a nearby park.

Dr. Maya’s 3 Favorite Mushrooms to Forage

Edible mushrooms are not always easy to spot and they can come and go in a day or a few days’ time. So it can feel very special to discover a mushroom in the wild that you like to eat. There is no feeling in the world like the moment when you discover a delicious, edible mushroom you love! Learn more about my 3 Favorite Mushrooms to Forage, and how I cook them.

Learn with Me

The Psychedelics Immersion
A Neurologist's Guide to Sacred Plants for Health and Wellbeing

The Psychedelics Immersion can help you answer questions like:
Why should someone engage with psychedelic medicines?
What safety data exists on psychedelics?
Can psychedelic medicines be addictive and are they safe if you’re sober?
How important is preparation and integration?
What is microdosing?
Are there conditions/medications that are contraindicated with psychedelics?
Can psychedelic therapy help those who have experienced sexual or emotional trauma?
Can psychedelics amplify awareness?
What’s the difference between decriminalization & legalization?
Can you get similar profound benefits without ingesting psychedelics?
Get answers to these and many more questions!

Re-Enchant Your Life

What you’ll get:
Nervous system regulating exercises.
A deep dive into better sleep, lessons on herbs/mushrooms/psychedelics.
A Neuroplasticity Masterclass to heal trauma and embrace joy.
Playful practices that shift your stories and change your life.
5 unique ceremonies to move you to a place of more joy and aliveness.
Access to a like-minded community on Mighty Networks for ongoing connection and support.

Astrology Readings

A live 1 hour one on one reading via zoom. Choose between these four reading options:
Natal chart: Getting to Know Yourself
Transit Reading: Planning for the Months or Year Ahead
Relationship Reading: Navigating Your Love Life
Astrocartography: Find Your Best Places

Coaching/ Intuitive Guidance

Reveal what you need physically, emotionally and spiritually- to be in better alignment in any of those categories. Dr. Maya will help you discover the underlying reasons that may be playing into the symptoms you're experiencing.

Explore Earth Medicine & Moon Drops

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