Shetreat 28 Day Cleanse

Shetreat 28 Day Cleanse

This event is a powerful toolkit of protocols and ceremony, to come out of the recent global crisis with more resilience and health than ever before.  

You are NEVER powerless over your health and life.

Yes, I’m Ready To CLEANSE old BULL SHIT and toxins and
Make ROOM for My Highest Health, Impact and Life Goals.

Invest 28 days and discover the most important tools to cleanse your body, address deep-rooted fear, and open up to your post powerful soul-driven life and health.

It is TIME for your new BETTER normal.

We have been bombarded with fear over the last few months, and our mental lives are polluted in such subtle and pervasive ways that sometimes we don’t even notice.  

This cleanse is the start of clearing out wreckage, cobwebs, excuses, old energy, toxins, and OWNING the next chapter of your life.

It’s time to cleanse it ALL…

Family & Relationship Issues – Stories, Heart Healing, Resentments, Community

Health Challenges – Sleep, Microbiome, Gut/Brain, Lungs, Lymph, Liver, Kidneys

Elimination – Waste, Reactive Foods, Castor Oil, Breathe, Hormesis, Toxic Exposures

Fear – Nourishing Yourself, Beginner’s Mind, Repression, Smudging, Space, Joy

Cleanse – Shower Hot & Cold, Energy / Mitochondria, Tech Cleanse, Tears, Earthing

Let us support you with…

Access to 28+ Powerful Lessons on resiliency and empowered inspiration to help you take concrete steps towards transforming into a more authentic version of yourself.

Daily journal prompts and exercises to implement what you’ve learned. From physical to emotional to spiritual body, to your home, to your activities, take advantage of the journal and exercises to reveal your a-has! and embark on the journey with a clearer sense of your path.

Downloadable audio meditations and video demonstrations.

Supportive slides and educational materials.

This 28-Day Cleanse helps you to have the support and information to cut through the BS, make huge life changes, reduce LIFE toxicity and to create an entirely new level of inspired resiliency, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Are you HUNGRY for new solutions to health and LIFE?

If you have any kind of chronic illness…

If you are navigating fear on a deep, subtle level every day…

If you are hoping and working to define NEW normal

If you are looking toward living your life in insanely empowered, perhaps yet-unimagined ways…

There’s no more ability to live in default

You are being called to live with intention.

It is TIME to create an environment physically emotionally and spiritually 

That invites what you want to manifest into your life!

Do something

That creates movement

That catalyzes change