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  • SHEtreat® Retreats and Workshops


Dr. Maya offers a comprehensive holistic approach to guide you through your healing journey, whether from a neurological condition or another kind of chronic illnesses. She has helped to solve medical mysteries for patients who have come from all over the world, many of whom already have been to numerous specialists as well as integrative practitioners. Her unique philosophy is to facilitate healing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual– as opposed to focusing on the part of the body that is symptomatic.

Dr. Maya’s work, based in scientific evidence, is also highly intuitive. All scientific discovery begins with the moment of intuition. Without that moment of epiphany, there is no hypothesis to prove. Central to her work is to help children, adults and their families to develop the ability to listen to their own intuitive voice, and to trust it.
Note: We recommend that you maintain a general practitioner or pediatrician, as Dr. Maya’s care is consultative only.


Dr. Maya offers one on one live ancient astrology readings.

Choose between these four reading options:
Natal chart: Getting to Know Yourself
Transit Reading: Planning for the Months or Year Ahead
Relationship Reading: Navigating Your Love Life
Astrocartography: Find Your Best Places


Sometimes, you may not have a clear physical or emotional ailment that can be diagnosed, but you sense something is not right. This can include feeling out of sorts, lost, deeply sad or depressed, anxious, burdened, or heavy. It can be due to known trauma, family or ancestral wounds, or any number of other reasons. Western medicine pathologizes and medicates you when you present with “mystery” issues, but offers no real tools for healing them.

For many years, Dr. Maya has studied with teachers of the invisible world– shamans, medicine people, indigenous elders, as well as having spent many years of learning directly from plant teachers—and has now been charged by them to share this healing work more fully.


Quantum drops are energetic vibrational plant medicine. Vibrational medicine means that the Master Plants place their medicine into the drops, which also contain the frequencies and vibration of light, sound, sacred song, stones and the presence of the Master Plants themselves.

Plants want to work with us and teach us.They want us to experience daily the sense that we are all interconnected, and held, and part of a greater whole. Quantum Drops are a beautiful paradox: they are both indescribably gentle and deeply powerful. They offer the possibility of journeying in the right ceremonial container. They offer a versatile experience and outcome depending on your intention.

Quantum Drops are designed to allow anyone to cultivate that relationship from their home, while traveling, in ceremony and beyond.

It can be helpful to set an intention as you work with Quantum Drops and be guided through the unfolding in your life. A spiritual coach or guide may be an asset in that ongoing experience, but not a requirement.


In general, insurance companies compel physicians to use invasive interventions and discourage spending time with patients. Dr. Maya’s success is based on her ability to spend unhurried time with each family in order to develop highly individualized therapeutic plans that draw from a broad spectrum of integrative modalities. It is impossible to deliver this high quality of care within the insurance system. As such, Dr. Shetreat does not accept insurance.


Dr. Maya is a dynamic, engaging presenter who delivers cutting edge information and innovative approaches in an accessible and compassionate way. She has spoken around the world on a wide range of topics including:

The healing power of nature; “The Dirt Cure”; Terrain Medicine; plant medicine and plant consciousness; healing the healer; herbal medicine, children’s health; and brain health.


You can heal. The Earth Can Help.

Years ago, Dr. Maya experienced a healing crisis of her own that took her on a journey to Ecuador to study with traditional healers and shamans. She founded the Terrain Institute when she recognized the glaring absence of attention to emotional and spiritual health. She now teaches about Earth Medicine—a journey into developing a relationship with the Earth’s healing, exploring it from all perspectives: science, sacred, intuition, ancient traditions, and everything burned with the so-called “witches.” Through connecting more deeply to your own inner guidance, these transformative programs can help change your life, the lives of those you love, and the lives of those you work with. You will gain an array of new and accessible tools to use in challenging (and all!) situations.


Retreats & Workshops

When people come together to heal themselves and connect with the earth, MAGIC HAPPENS.

SHEtreats are your way to learn with Dr. Maya in person! As Dr. Maya leads the group in earth-based practices, you’ll dive into mystery and the unknown through beautiful nature. You’ll learn to care for your physical, emotional and spiritual body. You’ll expand your healing community. Most importantly, you’ll embark on a transformative journey for your own deep healing. You’ll finish each SHEtreat with a rich relationship to the Earth’s magic as well as to your own.

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