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Dr. Maya’s Free Earth Healing Bundle:

Enjoy your gifts!

Lesson One: 10 Ways to Ground Yourself

Sometimes you may feel unsettled or out of sorts. When that happens, these simple, accessible practices will help you connect to the Earth and get back to feeling like yourself.

Lesson Two: Heart Meditation

Healing starts in the heart. But the heart needs daily care and maintenance to be able to do its work. This cleansing, heart-centered practice is wonderful for opening your heart, moving your emotions, and feeling gratitude.

Lesson Three: Plant Brushing

Cleaning with plants is an ancient practice used throughout the world that will help you move what’s stuck inside of you, release difficult emotions and trauma, and start the process of healing.

Lesson Four: Pranayama Breathing Exercise

This simple and brief technique can be done anywhere an at any time. It will help you to navigate difficult moments, and to feel calmer and more relaxed all the time.

Your Transformation Prescription is a 3 part class to help you navigate big transitions in your life.

Get these powerful resources to help you extract the wisdom from life’s changes and challenges.

Learn what initiation means and what you’re being initiated INTO, and discover some healing plants that can help you ease the process and heal the bruises you’ve gotten along the way.

Plus: you’ll get a powerful guided seed meditation, and an at-home ritual to help you connect with the transformative energy of Mother Earth.