Dr. Maya's Earth Medicine Guides

How to work with your Earth Medicine Box

The amazing thing is that this wisdom isn’t something you could learn from a book or look up online. That’s because these beings of the earth help you tap into your indigenous mind.Most of us don’t get to engage with this part of ourselves very often. Your indigenous mind needs to be nurtured as if it’s a beautiful seedling. And that’s where Earth Medicine can help you.

Pink Tourmaline

These magical clusters soothe anxiety, stress and panic attacks. They help you know yourself better, by enhancing your self-awareness, inner wisdom, and spirituality. Alchemists believed that the stone is related to the philosopher’s stone, and could bring enlightenment, power over spiritual affairs, attract opposites, and even change base metals to gold. Tourmaline is also renowned as the gem of poets, creatives, artists and sensitives.


Emerald is a gorgeous activator of the heart chakra. She helps you stay centered in your heart’s wisdom and access your clairvoyant vision into the future. When your heart chakra is closed or out of balance, you may feel timid or overly aggressive in your approach to people. Emerald helps you feel into your heart wisdom, trust in your own choices, and love yourself and others more fully.


Malachite helps promote GOOD change. Known as the Stone of Transformation, she invites in good fortune for the holder, and is said to be a potent aid for growth, creativity, and regeneration. She’s also said to be a magnet for money, wealth, abundance and opportunities to shine. Malachite is a healing stone – her vivid green color channels all the beauty and power of nature. Many healers love her for regulating the body’s “First Responders” – immune cells, neurotransmitters, and hormones – and some people swear that their painful periods, bloating, irritability, or irregular cycles resolved.


Rhodochrosite first directs love toward yourself for the specific purpose of emotional healing. By empowering you to examine old wounds, suppressed feelings, and traumas of childhood or past lives, she enables you to view old situations with new perspective. In this way you can acknowledge and release pain, along with destructive patterns of behavior you adopted as a means to cope. Her vibration of self-love, forgiveness and compassion for the child within, assists in reclaiming the self one was born to be.


Amethyst means ‘not intoxicated’ and comes from the ancient Greek word – Amethystos. The Greeks, recognizing the grounding powers of the stone, thought they could use the crystal to protect them against intoxication and deception, instead promoting greater clarity, intuition and safety.


Shungite is considered an incredibly powerful protection tool, energetically and even physically.  I love keeping shungite right next to my bed to support my sleep and hold me steady through dreamtime.

These beautiful black massage stones are smooth, portable, and dense enough to be delightfully calming. They fit perfectly in your palm as you process and discharge emotions. And they can be placed or rubbed on any part of your body that feels out of balance to create alignment.

Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper reminds you of the fire within you. She infuses you with the purest of energy to connect to your own divinity. She helps you to clearly discern your truth, even in the midst of confusion or deception. And she supports you in radiating that truth.

Bumblebee Jasper uplifts you. More than anything, that gorgeous lightness is what empowers you to access your strength, courage and joy.


The stone is considered to be a good luck charm, and hold the magic of the lost civilization of Atlantis and the wisdom of the dolphins. She is known also as the Dolphin stone and the Atlantis stone for this reason.

Larimar is psychic. She is clarity. She is creativity. She is your home. She is the Goddess. She is the Divine Feminine.

Super Seven

Sacred Seven stone also known as “Super seven” or “Melody stone”, is a quartz stone that contains seven materials; amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz, goethite, cacoxenite, rutile, and lepidocrocite.

This amazing amalgam embodies the healing properties of each of its seven components.