Finding Your Sacred Center Ceremony

Join Me on Sunday September 19th at 1:11pm EST

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The Equinox marks a moment of the year when light and dark are equal. It’s a day that reminds us to recalibrate and be in better balance. It reminds us to access our equanimity and center.
Equinox also reminds us that light and shadow exist within all of us  (no matter how much we wish it weren’t the case!!). And it reminds us that there’s NO SHAME for our shadow and no automatic accolades for our light.
As with everything, it’s all in how you dance with what you have.
Join me for a Finding Your Sacred Center Ceremony this Sunday 9/19 at 1:11 pm ET. Partner with the Equinox and Full Moon energy. Rediscover your place of beautiful balance within.
Celebrating these sacred milestones together in loving community is an important to experience their Medicine – and part of how we find our own Medicine as well.