Join me for a Gratitude Ceremony

Live Sunday 11/21 at 2:22 pm EST.

We are taught that peace and joy are something bestowed upon us. We’re taught that they come to us if we’re lucky. And we’re taught that there’s only a certain amount of the good stuff to go around.

I’m here to tell you that joy is not finite. It’s not passive. And you don’t experience joy only by luck.

Joy is intentional. And in challenging times, joy is an act of alchemy. Before, it may have been easier to passively experience moments of joy. It’s time to focus on joy as a discipline.

Actively create moments of joy. Make space for them. Pursue them. Embrace them.

Practicing gratitude is a magnet for joy.

You are invited to join me for a gratitude ceremony on Sunday 11/21 at 2:22pm EST. 

​​Bring family. Bring friends. Let’s take this moment to be together in a gorgeous space of gratitude and alchemize intense times into joy – together.

These moments of gratitude and joy will become your reserve. They will hold you up and have your back. They will permeate you. They will sustain you.

And when you do this, your self-talk shifts. Your sense of vitality and wellbeing increases. Your sense of agency grows. YOU BECOME POWERFUL.

Enter your name and best e-mail address to join the ceremony. The zoom link will be emailed to you.