Herbs for Gut Health

“All disease starts in the gut.”
Sounds dramatic doesn’t it?

But what if it were true?

Most symptoms we experience truly begin at the level of our digestive tract.

The gut is the interface- between your inner terrain of your organs, circulation, lymphatics, and microbiome, and mitochondria.

Food, bacteria, and other organisms and compounds are meeting and greeting miles of gut wall, where things are digested, absorbed, and in a rich relationship.

The gut is a fertile area that needs lots of love and nourishment, so that it can serve all the important roles in your body and make you feel wonderful.

This is the goal of this class - for you, people you love, and even clients or patients you treat - to have a number of options and ideas to help you feel absolutely wonderful.

What we’ll be covering:

• Meet your gut: Learn how your gut works and what it needs to be nourished and happy.

• Deep dive on “You are what you eat”. How your food can impact your gut health - sensitivities, allergies and the symptoms that can come from sensitive foods. Learn why we get food sensitivities and how we can improve tolerance.

• Learn why your microbiome is EVERYTHING for your health.

• Discover the Microbiome- Mitochondria connection - your gut determines your energy levels.

• Herbs to treat challenging gut problems: gas, bloating, belching, stomachaches, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, poor weight gain, obesity, nutrient deficiencies, high blood sugar, SIBO and “mystery illnesses”.

• Explore the Gut-Immune-Brain connection - How does the gut impact the brain, behavior, and your ability to think and concentrate?

• How the gut plays a critical role in chronic illness like Lyme, Epstein Barr Virus, acute- and long-C*VID, migraines, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and anxiety, and many others.

The main objective of this valuable intensive is that it is immediately useful and accessible.

This isn’t going to be an information dump.

While I love to geek out and share the science underlying everything, this is also a kind of remembering. Medicinal herbs and teas are part of an ancient knowledge that our ancestors used every day. These practices are coded for in our DNA.

So the question is: What if you knew how to use the herbs and plants that grew up around human beings for millennia - evolving alongside of us, with the intention to be eaten and consumed. Herbs and plants are our natural Medicine!

And all of this is yours, forever, fueled by a trip to your backyard, garden, or local grocery.

This is going to be *integrated information* that will feel gentle, accessible, and immediately helpful - that you will be able to return to again and again whenever you need.

Knowing the medicine of herbs makes you more sovereign.

You will not be automatically at the mercy of a practitioner or pharma because you will have your own base of knowledge and you will be comfortable employing it.

This is your most powerful starting point!

Meet Dr. Maya

As an adult and pediatric neurologist and herbalist my role is to step into many patient’s lives and help them recover from the pharmaceutical interventions of gut illnesses.

Today I want to invite you to something really special, a deep dive on how you can take agency over your health via your gut.

To help you learn about the herbs and plants all around you that can support your gut health, help reverse leaky gut syndrome, reclaim healthy digestion, support the microbiome and actually feed all of the healthy bacteria you should have to support your immunity and elimination, so you do not have fatigue from being clogged up and loaded with toxins. And all of this is yours, forever, fueled by a trip to your local grocery store.

This event is an amazing one-time investment with lifetime access to the education and a private Q&A for attendees. I hope you prioritize attending.




I’m [a novice / experienced with gut health and herbalism / clinical professional] is this course right for me?

Yes! If you are deeply curious, willing to engage and ask questions, and desire to know more about how you can optimize your gut health for the benefit of your entire body, then this training is for you. The material will be taught in an interactive and accessible way that will ground you in the science of gut health and herbal protocols, as well as proven ancient practices. Because of this format, it’s the ideal program for any person who wants to positively transform their own gut health, or that of their family/community.  


Unfortunately, I can’t attend live. Will there be a recording?

Absolutely. Both sessions will be recorded, and you will receive access to our private Mighty Networks Community to participate in future conversations and ask questions.


Are you available to help me personally integrate this information into my treatment plan/diet/herbal protocol to support my diagnosis?

Individual support pertaining to a diagnosis or specific health condition is not available through this training. To inquire about Dr. Maya’s private practice, email info@drmaya.com.