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Psychedelics For Mental Health Program

What you’ll learn:
How psychedelics can transform your physical, neurological, and mental health.
Newest research on depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, dementia, cancer and more from major academic centers.
Benefits of microdosing
Sacred practices of preparation, ceremony, and integration.
The role of Plant Medicines in ancient and indigenous cultures

Support Your Immunity, Lungs & Stress Levels

Learn about effective, inexpensive things you can do to support your immunity, your lungs and your stress levels in this free online training series. Learn the science behind why these treatments can help you. Some of what I’m recommending you probably already have in your kitchen or can pick in your yard or a nearby park.

Earth Medicine Kits

Experience an ancient practice of gratitude and appreciation. Each kit contains crystals, stones, and seeds collected with loving care from all over the world. Powerfully charged and beautifully combined to help you in just the way you need.

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Medical Consultations

I offer a comprehensive holistic approach to guide you through your healing journey, whether from a neurological condition or another kind of chronic illnesses.

Astrology Readings

Choose between these 4 reading options.
Natal chart: Getting to Know Yourself
Transit Reading: Planning for the Months or Year Ahead
Relationship Reading: Navigating Your Love Life
Astrocartography: Find Your Best Places

Spiritual Sessions

My philosophy is to facilitate healing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. I will help you recognize the next best steps to take on an emotional and spiritual level. I will guide you through those steps with indigenous practices, sound healing, breathwork and astrology.


Get on a Zoom call with me where I’ll spend 90 minutes with you to answer all of your questions about turning your idea into a book, getting started on writing a book proposal, or getting feedback on a proposal you’ve already written.

Online Courses

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Certainty or Confidence

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In addition to having certainty measures included in the representation, the representation of the corresponding feature values may itself be suitable.

Feature Vectors

In some applications it is not sufficient to extract only one type of feature to obtain the relevant information from the image data.