Start healing your Terrain today.

Terrain Medicine™️ brings balance and vitality to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environment. Developed by Dr. Maya Shetreat, MD, a neurologist and herbalist devoted to healing global problems through individual wellness.

Terrain Medicine™️ connects science & the sacred to address your deepest needs.

Throughout our programs at The Terrain Institute, we cultivate space for you to connect with both proven scientific principles and healing knowledge passed down from ancestors, spiritual teachers, and the earth.

Where do you want to begin?

Explore online programs, Earth Medicine products, free resources, and 1:1 support from Dr. Maya curated for the parts of you that need care now.

Psychedelics For Mental Health Program

What you’ll learn:
How psychedelics can transform your physical, neurological, and mental health.
Newest research on depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, dementia, cancer and more from major academic centers.
Benefits of microdosing
Sacred practices of preparation, ceremony, and integration.
The role of Plant Medicines in ancient and indigenous cultures

Support Your Immunity, Lungs & Stress Levels Training Series

Learn about effective, inexpensive things you can do to support your immunity, your lungs and your stress levels in this free online training series. Learn the science behind why these treatments can help you. Some of what I’m recommending you probably already have in your kitchen or can pick in your yard or a nearby park.

Introduction to Herbalism Program

Learn about effective, inexpensive things you can do to support your immunity, your lungs and your stress levels in this free online training series. Learn the science behind why these treatments can help you. Some of what I’m recommending you probably already have in your kitchen or can pick in your yard or a nearby park.

Work With Me

Flow Coaching for Heart-Led Leaders

The most successful people tune into their own purpose and joy in order shine in the world. Despite what we’ve been led to believe, being “good at business” isn’t just about working harder.

It’s about knowing yourself and being in flow. When you get into flow, you draw people and opportunities TO you.

Truly being a success requires being tuned in and spiritually grounded.

I will work with you to shift your neurological pathways as you call in and manifest your book, app, course, project, or company - or as you embark on a career shift - and help you stay on track as you move through the process.

Through our weekly calls together, we will:
Learn how to work with your own neural pathways and physiology to shift your stories and be in flow.
Name your intentions and build out your vision
Develop practices to call in support
Identify and work through seen and unseen resistance
Recognizing the cosmic breadcrumbs that are calling your forward.
Reverse self-doubt.
Develop practical next steps forward


Choose between these four reading options:
Natal chart: Getting to Know Yourself
Transit Reading: Planning for the Months or Year Ahead
Relationship Reading: Navigating Your Love Life
Astrocartography: Find Your Best Places


My philosophy is to facilitate healing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. I will help you recognize the next best steps to take on an emotional and spiritual level. I will guide you through those steps with indigenous practices, sound healing, breathwork and astrology.

Speaking Engagements



Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of the bestseller, The Dirt Cure. She is a dynamic, engaging presenter who delivers cutting edge information and innovative approaches in an accessible and compassionate way. Dr. Maya, has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show and more.

Free Gifts

Earth Healing Free Gift Bundle

Healing with Mother Earth doesn’t have to mean costly retreats or traveling to gurus. I’ve spent years traveling the world to study the powerful, transformative ways that we can heal with nature. And now YOU can benefit of what I’ve learned. Adding these accessible practices to your life can heal you – mind, body and spirit! Are you ready to feel better?

Read The Dirt Cure

I believe that our bodies naturally have the capacity to be healthy and heal when they have the tools to do so. My plan starts with the soil, using fresh foods and nature to heal you from the inside out and the outside in. Revealing the profound connections between food, nature, and our health, I explain how food is constantly changing our bodies, brains, and even genes—for better or for worse. Read the first chapter for free right now.

Fire Cider Benefits & Demonstration

Fire Cider is a magnificent and easy herbal tonic to gain and maintain your healthy terrain. Enjoy in salad dressings, sauces, beverages or take on a spoon for delicious taste and improved immunity and health! Learn more about the benefits of fire cider and watch a video demonstration to learn how to make your own.

Online Programs

The Shetreat
Certification Program

A certification, mentorship and community program.

It’s a unique small group 6 month program that will offer you:

A strong foundation in ancient practices and cutting edge science underlying intuition, sacred traditions and working with the earth.
Our unique Head Heart Hands Heal model to help you learn, integrate and incorporate healing practices into your life and work right now.
Community calls and benchmarks to help to keep you accountable in achieving your goals.
Accessible practices to care not just for your body but for your heart and soul.
A rare opportunity to start building a world more aligned with people and the Earth.

Herbs for Calm, Balance, and Resilience

Dive deeper into your curiosity about the natural world around you and learn NATURAL ways to combat stress and overwhelm.
You can curate a medicine chest full of the highest quality remedies to address anxiety, straight from the earth!
Answer your heart’s yearning to be part of a tradition that goes back for thousands of years.
You can minimize reliance on expensive pharmaceutical solutions with endless side effects.
Which herbs can help me with certain problems?


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