Web TV Script Writer

In search of a script writer for a new web TV series by Dr. Maya Shetreat. The script writer will take content prompts from the marketing team, existing written and video content, and ideas from Dr. Maya to create scripts for a weekly multi-segment web TV series.

The right candidate is:

-a strong creative with experience coming up with segment ideas, concepts for videos, and writing scripts
-interested in health, wellbeing, spirituality
-good at synthesizing large amounts of material, and finding the creative hooks + angles that will catch people’s attention
-has 5+ years experience in script writing, copywriting, or related fields
-a proactive, independent thinker who can run with an idea
-collaborative and open to engaging in dialogue around the scripts they create
-willing to create content that fits in with the larger goals and content plans of the marketing team
-a sense of humor and irreverence

Dr. Maya has a large body of work. The candidate should be comfortable reading existing content, researching relevant topics, and coming up with interesting angles. The planned structure of this web TV series will be shared with qualified applicants.

This will be a collaborative role, with the script writer expected to take initiative in coming up with ideas and writing the scripts, while also engaging in collaborative conversations with Dr. Maya and the marketing team.