Remothering Ceremony
Saturday May 8th at 11:11am EST

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Most of us have memories of moments, or periods (or sometimes our entire relationship with our parents) where we didn't get exactly what we needed or wanted. Maybe it was just a sense of not being seen or heard or validated in the way that we needed in that moment.

Small or large, these moments change us. They shape us. We carry them through our lives. They affect us in ways we don’t even recognize.

The beauty is that through healing ceremony, we can go back and change the impact those moments had on us - and in doing so, transform our lives in the present and the future for the better.

As we become adults, we have agency. We have the capacity to offer a healing balm - unconditional love, tenderness, acceptance, and belonging - to the parts of ourselves that feel unloved or unseen or invalidated.

That is what “remothering” is.

We can use resources that we have now to go back and nurture and love our past selves - and create a deep healing we may not even have known we needed.

Mary Oliver’s question: “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” holds so much opportunity and promise. How much more joy and pleasure and delight can we experience if we love up all the parts of ourselves?

Now is the time to Remother Ourselves and begin the journey anew.