We’re navigating uncharted territory in and around us.
Let’s create a roadmap together.

I want to take you on this wild ride with me – to think outside the box, to upend the status quo, and to rock the damn boat.

Expect to be challenged, to question what you think you know, to not be limited by the usual rules of engagement, and to be empowered to live your life more authentically.

We will dive into the terrain of us – our bio-terrain – our bodies, how we see our bodies, our health, our pleasure, and of course our emotional and spiritual terrain as well.

We’ll talk about the terrain around us – soil, sun, seeds, water, wind, rocks, plants and animals, the moon, the stars, and the cosmos.

And I’ll show you how these interact and align with each other – through food, microbes, growing things, herbalism, psychedelics, rituals, ceremony, indigenous wisdom, art and music, astrology, the legal rights of the earth, mysticism and our general relationship to reverence and the sacred.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s this: We’re navigating uncharted territory.

Let’s create a roadmap together.

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