Become a Psychedelic-Informed Practitioner

Thank you for your interest in PORTAL 2024. Applications are now open for our upcoming cohort, which starts February 20th, 2024.

Access our course curriculum below to gain a more thorough understanding of the subjects that will be covered.

Gain expertise in the fundamentals of psychedelics, acquire skills in offering psychedelic-informed care, and connect with a community of professionals committed to delivering safe, ethical, and successful treatment and integration.


Everything you need to know is incorporated into six core modules, each spanning 6-10 weeks including live lectures by expert researchers and practitioners, study groups, and specialized electives.


People will want to know how to prepare their gut, regulate their nervous system, and ready themselves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level so they can get the most out of their experience.


Psychedelics are entering the mainstream and we need many hands on deck. People will need help to know whether psychedelics are right for them at this moment in time, and in what dose - macro, micro, or quantum.


And of course, people will need support and coaching through integrating their experiences when they may need to change in their lives after having a deeply transformational experience.

Whether you simply want to offer educated, practical and safe guidance about psychedelics to your patients or clients…

Or guide people through the entire experience of these life-changing experiences…

Your education and training matters.

Bringing your best, most aware self to the process matters.

Having the support of a community of like-minded practitioners matters.

Portal is our 10-month long Psychedelic-Informed Practitioner Training.

Over the course of the year you will:

Anchor your practice on a diverse foundation that includes medical, academic, indigenous, somatic, and trauma-aware approaches..

Master your skills in assessing, advising, preparing, guiding, assisting, and smoothly integrating a safe and ethical personalized psychedelic journey to cater to each person’s specific needs.

Connect with and learn from renowned experts who are at the forefront of this field.

Establish a network of like-minded psychedelic practitioners with a common goal of contributing to a broader paradigm of healing and growth.

Program structure

Live lectures

Live online webinars will be followed by a Q&A session. These lectures are scheduled every Tuesday at 2pm EST and are recorded for access in the membership area.

Office hours

Monthly office hours are available; advance registration is required.


Periodic reading selections, regular journaling, meditations, other practices.

Final project

To successfully complete your training, you will be required to turn in a final project.

Private Community Forum

Connect with fellow like-minded practitioners, exchange resources, cultivate a community, and advance your professional growth.

Experiential retreat

Mandatory retreat in Fall/Winter 2024 (additional costs apply).

Summer & Winter breaks

During the course of the year, there will be scheduled breaks.

Meet the Faculty

Maya Shetreat, MD

Dr. Maya Shetreat is a conventionally-trained adult and pediatric neurologist who believes we can inhabit more than one identity. She has spoken around the world and been featured in the New York Times, NPR and Dr. Oz - and she also listens and talks to plants every day. She is a student of ancient wisdom traditions who is grounded in mitochondria, the microbiome and mycelial science. She is an herbalist, artist, ceremonialist, urban farmer, and forager.

Dr. Maya is the author of two books, The Master Plant Experience: The Science, Safety, and Sacred Ceremony of Psychedelics (2023) and The Dirt Cure (2016) which has been translated into 10 languages.

Dr. Maya created Quantum Drops, also known as Ceremony in a Bottle, a vibrational psychedelic Master Plant product that is legal, safe and deeply transformative. She is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she offers free ceremonies, microdosing coaching, and Portal, a training for those who want to become psychedelic-informed professionals.

Kiran Krishnan

Jeffery Bland, PhD

Dr. Anita Sanchez

Rick Doblin​, PhD

Anthony Bossis, PhD

Albert Garcia-Romeu, PhD

Selen Atasoy, PhD

Jahan Khamsazideh, PhD

Who can apply?

Anyone may apply for this program.

Preference will be given to healthcare professionals of all kinds including: medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, osteopathic doctors, chiropractors, nurses and nurse practitioners, physician assistants, mental health professionals, pharmacists, physical/occupational/speech therapists, nutritionists, massage therapists, coaches, death doulas, midwives, etc.

Clergy members, facilitators, first responders, attorneys, and people serving marginalized communities will also receive preference.

How it works

1. Submit your application prior to February 16th, 2024 with your $75 non-refundable application fee.

2. We review applications in order of submission.

3. Once your application is accepted you can reserve your place by paying the $1,000 deposit. After your deposit is paid, you can choose a payment plan or pay the tuition in full.

Early Bird Tuition Discount $10,700 USD

Please note that the early bird discount ends February 2nd 2024. Your application must be submitted by February 2nd to get the early bird discount upon acceptance.

Payment plans options are available

Tuition Fee $11,997 USD

Please note that the deadline to submit your application is February 16th, 2024.

Payment plans options are available

*We recommend completing this application on a desktop


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