Online Programs

Introduction to Herbalism

This is an easy to implement 2-part training program to help you rediscover the abundant healing properties of our earth in a more meaningful, powerful, and practical way than ever before.

Psychedelics For Mental Wellness and Brain Health

What you’ll learn:

How psychedelics can transform your physical, neurological, and mental health.
Newest research on depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, dementia, cancer and more from major academic centers.
Benefits of microdosing
Sacred practices of preparation, ceremony, and integration.
The role of Plant Medicines in ancient and indigenous cultures

Herbs for Calm, Balance, and Resilience

What you’ll learn:

Dive deeper into your curiosity about the natural world around you and learn NATURAL ways to combat stress and overwhelm.
You can curate a medicine chest full of the highest quality remedies to address anxiety, straight from the earth!
Answer your heart’s yearning to be part of a tradition that goes back for thousands of years.
You can minimize reliance on expensive pharmaceutical solutions with endless side effects.
Which herbs can help me with certain problems?

Your Transformation Prescription

When you’re pushed out of your comfort zone, you’re forced to step outside of who you’ve been. You’re being asked to be bigger, stronger, and wiser than you were before.

This experience can be a catalyst to propel you forward into the life and purpose you didn’t imagine was possible for you. This is part of your journey to becoming the hero of your own life.

I want to share unique, earth-based wisdom that can help you turn your challenges into opportunity.

The Shetreat Certification Program

A certification, mentorship and community program.
It’s a unique small group 6 month program that will offer you:

A strong foundation in ancient practices and cutting edge science underlying intuition, sacred traditions and working with the earth.
Our unique Head Heart Hands Heal model to help you learn, integrate and incorporate healing practices into your life and work right now.
Community calls and benchmarks to help to keep you accountable in achieving your goals.
Accessible practices to care not just for your body but for your heart and soul.
A rare opportunity to start building a world more aligned with people and the Earth.