A Neurologist's Guide to

Psychedelics For Mental Wellness and Brain Health Immersion

This training program by neurologist Dr. Maya Shetreat is for the psychedelically curious to receive a foundational education in both the science and ritual of psychedelic practices.

Are you ready to…

-Learn about psychedelics from a trusted guide, in an intensive and supportive container?

-Understand the neuroscience behind psychedelics, so that you can make informed decisions?

-Dive into the latest research about psychedelics and mental wellbeing?

-Connect with ancient and Indigenous practices for preparing, consuming, and integrating plant medicine into your life?

Then this one of a kind training program is for you. Designed with curious students and innovative professionals in mind.

What you’ll learn:

-How psychedelics can transform your physical, neurological, and mental health.

-Newest research on depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, dementia, cancer and more from major academic centers.

-Benefits of microdosing.

-Sacred practices of preparation, ceremony, and integration.

-The role of Plant Medicines in ancient and indigenous cultures.

Plus, receive:

-8 hours of engaging, research-driven lectures with Q&A Sessions.

-Access to an online like-minded community on Mighty Networks for ongoing connection and support.

Meet Dr. Maya

Dr. Maya Shetreat is a conventionally trained pediatric neurologist. She’s also an herbalist, educator, and author of The Dirt Cure.

Each of Dr. Maya’s offerings are designed to help you feel connected to yourself and to the world around you.

After all, Mother Earth can be a source of joyful, mutual healing if you only know what you are looking for.

Now Dr. Maya is bringing her knowledge from her integrative practice, independent research, and personal practice to you in this truly unique live program.


I’m [a novice / experienced with plant medicine / clinical professional] is this course right for me?

Yes! If you are deeply curious, willing to engage and ask questions, and desire to know more about the potential of psychedelics this program is for you. The material will be taught in an engaging, accessible way but will go in-depth into the science behind psychedelics. As such, you will need to be excited about learning more to benefit from this program.


Will you tell me where to source my plant medicine? 

No. Sourcing is up to you, and you should  inform yourself about the legality of plant medicines and appropriate protocols for obtaining it in your area. The information in this course is strictly about the research, rituals, and applications of psychedelics.


Are you available to help me personally integrate plant medicine into my practice or life?

To inquire about Dr. Maya’s personal mentorship opportunities, email info@drmaya.com


What is the cost of the program? 

One time payment of $497. You will have lifetime access.


What if I have questions while taking the program? 

Upon registration you will be invited to join a private online community inside Mighty Networks. Here you can ask Dr. Maya questions, interact with others in the program, and have access to join live Q&A’s with Dr. Maya.


Have more Questions?

Email us at info@drmaya.com