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Master Plant Quantum Drops

An accessible way to experience the healing, wisdom, and ritual of sacred Master Plants

Imagine a world where plants are not just a part of nature, but are your guides and mentors.

Imagine a world where the transformative healing powers of Master Plants are within your reach, right from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine the extraordinary possibilities that unfold when you forge a deep and harmonious partnership with these Sacred Master Plants.

This depth of relationship is nurtured through daily practice.

Step into a world of possibilities with Quantum Drops, where you have the power to cultivate this remarkable connection all of the time - from your own home, during your travels, within sacred ceremonies, and beyond.

What people are saying about Quantum Drops:

"I have been using the Quantum Drops for the last few months. The Grandfather I find is best before sleep, it both increases the vividness of dreams but also deepens the sleep state. I recommend Quantum Drops to anyone interested in bringing plant medicines into their life in a subtle yet meaningful way. "
Mike P.
Los Angeles, CA

What Are Master Plant Quantum Drops?

In their indigenous communities of origin, conscious-altering plants are referred to not as “drugs” or “psychedelics,” but as Master or Teacher Plants. In some cultures, they’re called Grandmother or Grandfather, Mother or Father.

They’re considered to be very old and powerful kin who convey an ancient wisdom to help individuals to heal and communities to evolve.

In contrast to the way we perceive medicine in modern industrialized culture, these plants are not exploitable resources that produce “compounds” to be “taken” or “used”; they are revered community members – honored elders, teachers, and allies. As such, people approach them with extreme reverence and humility, with offerings in hand.

All healing benefits and spiritual growth are considered sacred gifts from the plants.

Introducing Quantum Drops, a groundbreaking solution that bridges the gap between wisdom-seeking individuals and the preservation of our invaluable plant allies.

They redefine the relationship between humanity and plants, offering a transformative method to access their wisdom without endangering their existence.

These drops represent a new era in plant medicine, harnessing the energy and teachings of the Master Plants themselves.

Quantum drops are vibrational plant medicine.

Indigenous people have long recognized that our physiology sometimes responds best to a gentle nudge rather than a sledgehammer blow. And modern science is catching up.

We now know that all plants oscillate in measurable ways, which creates a kind of music. The oscillations of Master Plants can be imprinted into liquid and then consumed. Many consider these healing transmissions to be equal to or greater in power to imbibing Master Plants in physical form.

Not everybody wants or needs big experiences with Master Plants. Or maybe you’re sober, pregnant, have physical or mental health contraindications, or are just plain sensitive.

Master Plants can share their medicine in ways that don’t overwhelm your nervous system, and don’t turn the Masters into pharmaceuticals or commodities to be exploited.

In fact, sacred plant medicine was never intended to be consumed in large quantities by the masses in an ongoing way. If millions of individuals were to perpetuate an insatiable demand for plant wisdom through unsustainable practices, we could lose their wisdom for good.

Receiving these plant vibrations can be a foundational avenue to profound healing, without ingesting any plant material at all.

What people are saying about Quantum Drops:

"Quantum drops are now a part of my daily schedule, and I enjoy and highly value taking that moment to connect and give appreciation, even during a busy family morning."
Bodhi M.
Vancouver, Canada​

Quantum Drops open a new conversation around physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with chronic physical and mental health conditions that require more than the current medical paradigm offers.

Maybe you are looking for greater clarity or to find your way out of a hard period.

Maybe you want to find your way to greater creativity, connection and flow.

Maybe you have been through a full array of conventional, integrative, therapeutic and spiritual approaches, none of which have fully resolved your problems or fully restored your health or sense of wellbeing.

Something more is likely going on. We’re learning that physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual instigators can trigger a persistent “cell danger response” that impacts physical and mental health, until something shifts you out of that state.

Quantum Drops can help you to experience that shift.

Connecting with Master Plant wisdom through quantum dosing enables you to have a richer relationship with yourself, other people, and all living beings by enhancing within you a sense of greater awareness, presence, and aliveness.

They help you remember the sacredness of your existence even as you navigate the challenges of ordinary life. And this can be profoundly therapeutic.

Meet the Creator of Quantum Drops

Maya website

Neurologist, Herbalist, Spiritual Guide
Founder and Director of The Terrain Institute

Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, ceremonialist, and author of The Master Plant Experience and The Dirt Cure. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show, and more. Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches earth-based programs for transformational healing, including a Certification program for psychedelic-assisted approaches. She has studied and worked with indigenous communities and healers from around the world, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred. She lives with her dog and chickens on her urban farm in New York City.

Quantum Drops Are the Portal to the Next Best Version of You

Plants yearn to share their knowledge, offering you a glimpse into their unique perspectives. Quantum Drops hold the key to this collaboration, inviting you to unlock their wisdom.

Step into the extraordinary world of Quantum Drops, a realm where gentleness intertwines with immense power. These drops hold the potential for profound transformation, leading you on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

We call Quantum Drops “Ceremony in a Bottle,” because their transformative power comes from being created in a ceremonial space - with an altar, at particular times of month and year, guided by and imbued with the presence of the Master Plant and the sacredness of the moment at which they are made.

These drops have a special way of awakening a deeper connection and appreciation for the extraordinary aspects of your everyday experiences.

Engaging with Quantum Drops is a guided, sacred journey into mystery and discovery.

For those well-versed in the world of Master Plants, this is your next level.

If you've been curious, this is your open door.

Don't miss out – the time has come to embrace the profound potential of Quantum Drops. Your journey awaits.

Bonus: Your Guide to Quantum Drops

With your purchase, you’ll receive a digital guide via email that will teach you how to begin using Quantum Drops, and how to best integrate them into your life.

You’ll learn about how and when you may want to engage with The Grandmother, The Grandfather, and The Children, and healing themes that may arise.

This includes a recommended schedule including when and how to take them, what to consider while using them, and tips on enhancing the experience.

After following the guide, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of Quantum Drops with ease!

What people are saying about Quantum Drops:

"I ordered the Quantum Drops a few months ago. I have used them so many times, and want to share my gratitude and wonder at the level of connection I feel to the plants when I use the drops. I've used them with several friends, family members and clients who can't ingest the actual plants, and they, too, have really enjoyed the experience."
Kacey C.
Nashville, TN​

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Quantum Drop FAQ's

Quantum drops are not microdoses, or homeopathy, or flower essences, though they have aspects in common with all of them. These are vibrational medicine, which means that the Master Plants place their medicine into the drops, which also contain the frequencies and vibration of light, sound, sacred song, stones and the presence of the Master Plants themselves.

ingredients: yagé vine vibrational quantity, structured spring water, organic glycol, made in the presence of medicinal smoke, moonstone, lemurian quartz, medicine song, Music of the Plants.

ingredients: huachuma cactus vibrational quantity, structured spring water, organic glycol, made in the presence of medicinal smoke, larimar, lemurian quartz, medicine song, Music of the Plants.

ingredients: teotlnanácatl mushroom vibrational quantity, structured spring water, organic glycol, made in the presence of medicinal smoke, sugilite, lemurian quartz, medicine song, Music of the Plants.

Although they’re quite potent, their power isn’t derived from harvested plant material or physical “compounds” in the plant. They’re entirely legal.

They do not contain alcohol, which means they’re safe if you’re sober for any reason. They do not contain any measurable plant compounds that could cause harm for pregnant women, children, or those with medical concerns.

No. You cannot overdose on Quantum Drops. You cannot hurt yourself or get “high” with Quantum Drops.

No. Quantum Drops do not contain plant material so they will not interfere or interact with other compounds. Some people may find that their bodies and minds come more into balance and thus want to wean off certain medications as they feel better and better. This should always be done with the supervision from your healthcare provider.

No. You do not need a guide in the sense that you will not lose control of yourself or be in any danger. However, it can be helpful to set an intention as you work with Quantum Drops and be guided through the unfolding in your life. A spiritual coach or guide may be an asset in that ongoing experience, but not a requirement.

Yes. Traveling is a perfect opportunity to engage with Quantum Drops, as you will already be navigating the unknown, so you are automatically more flexible and open to what’s being presented to you.

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