Dr. Maya’s Favorite 3 Herbs to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Did you know that STRESS gets embedded in our cells

That it undoes our IMMUNITY? 

Herbalism is a POWERFUL way to support your well being.

Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally. 

Are you ready to DEEP DIVE? 

Herbs for Calm, Balance, and Resilience

  • Dive deeper into your curiosity about the natural world around you and learn NATURAL ways to combat stress and overwhelm.
  • You can curate a medicine chest full of the highest quality remedies to address anxiety, straight from the earth!
  • Answer your heart’s yearning to be part of a tradition that goes back for thousands of years.
  • You can minimize reliance on expensive pharmaceutical solutions with endless side effects.
  • Which herbs can help me with certain problems?

If you’re wondering …

  • When is herbal medicine appropriate and safe for anxiety and stress? 
  • How can I identify herbs around me for this purpose?
  • How do I know, if I’m making herbal medicine for myself, that I’m doing it right?
  • Which herbs can help me with anxiety and stress?

THIS is the course for you.

Learn the art, science & magic of working with herbs specifically to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm that are all around you.

I’ve practiced as an MD and herbalist for over a decade. And I’ve been asked THOUSANDS of times to share this knowledge of how to work with the original medicines for a variety of common and chronic conditions.

Herbs can help you with:






Pain Relief

Elevating Mood

If there was ever a moment in time to build a relationship with the abundant healing properties of our planet in a more meaningful and personal way…the time is NOW.

What's Included In This Program

Upon registering you will have immediate access to all 3  video sessions.

Discover the most common and abundant healing plants and herbs, to help with the global reality of anxiety and overwhelm, literally in your backyard!

With One Short Course of Study, You Can Join this Ancient Healing Tradition and CHANGE Your Emotional Setpoint

I’ll be going even deeper into Herbs and Plants that aid in helping you overcome the feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

This information has never been more needed than right now. 

Stress and anxiety throws our nervous system out of balance, disrupts our sleep, and impacts our relationships with those we care about the most. 

And you know, it’s funny, when you have a practice of mindfulness and meditation, you can sometimes feel like you shouldn’t feel these things. 

I want you to know your feelings are valid. And you’re amazing. 

And sometimes we need a little help.

These gifts from our Earth are powerful allies and they will help you feel balanced, focused, confident and energized. 

You just need to know how to apply this beautiful medicine to your life.

Let me be here for you to guide you.

“I’ve spent years treating my patients who have simple and complex conditions with the magnificent plants and herbs that we find abundantly in nature, all around us.  Working with herbs is a wonderful way to stay healthy and support those you love.” ~ Dr. Maya Shetreat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of this training?

A one time payment of $222.

How do I watch the training?

Upon registering you will have immediate access to watch the program. You will create an account so that you can log in an return to the program anytime.

What if I have questions about the material I learn?

After registering for the program you will be invited to join the online community on Mighty Networks where you can interact with other students in the program, as well as ask questions.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. There will be no refunds provided.