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What if you could live life fully and joyfully… Instead of simply getting through the day?

What if the answer to transforming your life was hiding in plain sight?
Are you in the midst of a major life transition? Has a change in your health, relationship or career shaken you to your core? Are you ready to find purpose in your life, and embrace a new approach?
You’re not alone.
So many of us have been following the formula for happiness. We’ve done all the right things, or so we thought. But suddenly we look at our lives and ask, how did I get to this point? How can I live a life with more meaning? How can I be more deeply in my purpose?
Maybe you’ve looked everywhere to find support. Books. Online summits. Experts. Late night dates with Dr. Google.
But you haven’t found any reliable answers.
All you do is continue to do what you’ve always done – search endlessly for answers.
I have good news and bad news for you.
The bad news? Your searches aren’t likely to lead you to answers – because our modern world doesn’t have language for it.
But there’s good news too.
You don’t have to feel like a supporting character in your own life story. You can become the main character
I want to share something transformational with you, something I learned when my own life crisis took me back to square one, and simultaneously launched me on a journey deep inside myself as well as to places all around the world.
Open your mind and imagine…

What if you finally could let go of trying to find the “expert” (or of becoming the expert yourself)?

What if you could embark on a healing journey guided by your own intuition to find the answers you’ve been so desperately seeking?

What if you could abandon everything you’ve been taught and let the earth provide you with all the tools you need to find relief for yourself or others?

Good news.


The answers to help you–and help others–are readily available. They come by way of Mother Earth.

Our job is to learn how to ask. And how to listen.

I want to help you change your life.
But to do so means returning to beginner’s mind.

It means learning how to see things anew.

It means getting decertified.

When My Son Had a Seizure, It Meant Letting Go of Everything I Thought I Knew

My whole life’s work has been working to heal the most sensitive, perceptive, and intuitive people. The canaries in the coal mine. The ones who can hear a bee sneeze five miles away. The empaths. The cosmic magnets.

For me, my calling came into sharp focus when my then 7-year-old son, Erez, had his first seizure. We had just moved home after a prolonged mold remediation.

At the time, I was practicing integrative neurology: combining approaches from conventional neurology with food, nutrition, herbal medicine and mind-body techniques to heal children’s and adult’s brains. I was speaking around the world about how to reverse chronic illness.

I was even treating children with seizures from all over the world. I was an expert. In fact, I was THE integrative pediatric brain expert that most people would have sent my son to see.

But as I held my groggy son in my arms after his seizure, I knew one thing for certain.

Even though I knew more about how to heal a child’s brain naturally than almost anyone—it didn’t matter. I was not in that moment equipped to treat what was ailing him.

Even as the expert, I knew that focusing on his physical body wasn’t the answer. It was something far more intangible. It was his energy body that needed help. It was his spirit. It was his soul.

And I realized this was exactly what had been missing all along in my training.

You see, doctors get no education in what it means to be sick of heart or of spirit. And it’s not just missing in medicine. Our society has discredited deeper ways of knowing–intuition, sensing, spiritual practice, connection to the sacred and so on. They were burned with the witches. These longstanding ways of knowing and healing have become utterly taboo.

They have long been bad words, and many actually fear to use them—for fear of being laughed at, discredited, or dismissed. But simply avoiding those words doesn’t silence our spiritual selves. We feel what we feel. We know what we know. And just because we don’t have vocabulary to discuss it doesn’t mean that it’s not real.

What I didn’t anticipate during this newest crisis, though, was that my son’s healing would require me to embark on my own healing journey. And I certainly didn’t anticipate where I would have to go to find that healing for myself.

This journey took me to the Amazon rainforest, to a village in the Andes mountains, and to the Valley of Longevity for me to learn of the deep and magnificent ways that nature heals.

It’s taken me to indigenous Aboriginal sacred sites to learn how their brilliance and ancestral knowledge can guide us to live in balance.

It’s taken me to Oaxacan cemeteries to learn their ideas around death and honoring the dead.

It’s taken me to learn from powerful healing practices by way of indigenous people, elders and medicine men and women.

It took me to conversations about healing with the Masai people in Africa and what it means to be an elder.

It took me to many kinds of healing ceremonies.

It took me to plant medicines and ethnobotany.

It took me to the art and science of astrology and numerology.

It took me through light and shadow, deep into my own death and rebirth.

It took me to all that went underground when the witches were burned.

As I navigated this new world, I was no longer an expert. If anything, I was less than a beginner, because I had so much to unlearn before I could learn.

I became immersed in beginner’s mind, or shoshin. I studied and I studied and I studied.

I continued to learn from books, and scientific literature as I always had. But in this other realm, following guides who fearlessly navigate the unknown is the best way to learn.

I learned to listen to the voice within myself.

In short, I plunged deep into the unknown and was born anew.

But finally, I learned to be a guide. Not an expert. But a guide.

  • I learned how to be quiet.
  • I learned how to listen.
  • I learned how to connect with the natural world more deeply than I ever had.
  • I learned to receive.
  • I learned to be curious–without necessarily trying to explain or understand or classify or categorize.
  • I learned to surrender.
  • I learned to release.

Most of all, I learned to LET MOTHER EARTH BE THE EXPERT – and she is a magnificent teacher.

Her lessons have been incredibly powerful. They’ve given me the tools and courage to transform my life. In doing so, my son’s life was transformed. As have the lives of many, many families I work with.

Now, I want to teach you what I’ve learned.

Not as your expert, but as a fearless, trusted guide who will dive with you into the unknown.

Introducing the Terrain Institute with Dr. Maya Shetreat:

A 6-month immersive “unlearning” group coaching intensive, where you’ll learn how to better connect with yourself and Mother Earth so that you can transform your life.

The Shetreat Certification Program

You’re invited to alchemize your entire life. Join me on journey where I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned from years of working with the ancient teachings of elders and the earth to help people like you develop a healing connection to the Earth and better understand why you’re here in this lifetime.

The Shetreat Certification Program is my most in-depth offering, and you can be part of it wherever you are in the world. It’s a unique small group 6 month program. The knowledge is delivered through a potent mix of powerful lectures, meaningful practices, live Q&A and warm community. And I will be by your side as you move through your transformation.

We offer this intensive rarely, and the next session begins this April 2020.

Embark on a journey into beginner’s mind, into mystery, and into the unknown.

Learn how to tune into your inner voice and listen and receive guidance from the earth.

Learn how the earth can help you to heal from small and larger challenges and from trauma.

Learn accessible practices that will help you to protect yourself from other people’s energies, to release negative feelings and to maintain your equilibrium.

Together, throughout this program, we’ll explore traditional, conventional and cutting edge. The science and the sacred. The ordinary and the extraordinary. Death and rebirth.                        .

And we will learn language for navigating beyond physical into the emotional and spiritual.


This program is unlike any other. You’ll immerse yourself in a process of unlearning as you journey to a place of healing and balance.

By letting go of mastery, you can embrace beginner’s mind. It’s the only way to truly learn with new eyes.

The Terrain Institute is for humans who want to connect to themselves, to others and to the earth.

This program is for those who wish to reject the overwhelm of information overload…of people telling you what’s right and what’s wrong instead of letting you decide for yourself…and to instead learn to look within and into Mother Earth to unlock the answers you’ve been looking for.

This is a program for doctors and nurses and psychologists and social workers and pharmacists and therapists and healers of all kinds.

But this is also a program for teachers, lawyers, trainers, activists, gardeners, farmers, mechanics, artists and moms. It’s a time to find your inner healer. It’s a time for all hands on deck. In short, all interested humans are welcome to apply.

What You’ll Learn

In this 6-month intensive, you’ll dive into the science and wisdom around:

Sensitivity—blessing or curse?

  • What does being sensitive mean?
  • Why do sensitive people suffer in the modern world?
  • How does sensitivity manifest physically, emotionally and spiritually?
  • Why has sensitivity been pathologized?
  • How can you protect yourself from outside energy?
  • How does Terrain Medicine benefit sensitive people?

Belonging: The Myth of Perfection

  • What is belonging?
  • What do we give up for belonging?
  • What are the dangers of giving up authenticity?

The S/Hero’s Journey

  • How do stressors serve us?
  • What is the importance of hormesis?
  • Initiation
  • Death and Rebirth
  • What elements can facilitate this process
  • Surrender and release

Heart intelligence and Intuition

  • What is the importance of intuition?
  • Is the heart smarter than the brain?
  • What is an electromagnetic field?
  • How does the heart regulate the rest of the body?
  • How does the heart regulate you with the hearts of people around you?
  • How does your electromagnetic field connect with other living beings?


  • Teaming up with the body’s innate desire to heal
  • Teaming up with rhythms in nature

How to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual body

  • What is health?
  • How do you understand the language your body uses to talk to you?
  • What tools do you use to listen?
  • What is grounding and what is its importance?
  • How can you transform yourself and your circumstances when things go off the rails?
  • What is “spiritual sickness”?
  • How does spiritual sickness present itself in the physical and emotional bodies?
  • Why is spiritual sickness often misdiagnosed as physical illness?

Sacred Space

  • Why is stepping outside of time so important?
  • What are the health impacts of stepping outside of time?
  • What practices will help you to step outside of time?
  • Why is sacred space medicine for the soul?

Building a relationship with the Earth

  • How can plant medicine provide relief for sensitive people?
  • How can one build relationships with plants?
  • Plant consciousness
  • Plant signatures
  • Herbal medicines
  • How can stones offer healing?
  • How can you create a relationship with stones?
  • How can you work with stones to experience healing and connection?


  • Guided immersive exercises and experiences


  • How can you integrate what you’ve learned into your life, family and work?

*Please note that listed lectures are subject to change

Meet Your Teacher

Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of bestselling book The Dirt Cure: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child (Simon and Schuster, 2016), which has been translated into ten languages.

She has been featured in the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, Goop, The Dr. Oz Show and more.

Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches Terrain MedicineTM, earth-based programs for transformational healing.

She has studied with several teachers of spiritual work and has worked and studied with indigenous communities, teachers and healers in the jungles and mountains of Ecuador.She is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred.

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What’s Included In The Program

During this course you there may be some time where you might have to step outside your comfort zone. And do things you may not normally do. But then you can travel to where the magic happens and that is our goal.

Video Learning

6 months of video lectures. One to two video lectures delivering the week’s core learning. These are recorded so you can watch at a time that works for you!

Intro: Terrain Medicine from science to the sacred 

  • How do we communicate with the earth, and how does the earth communicate back?
  • What is terrain medicine, the beauty and limitations of science, different kinds of knowledge, heart intelligence, the unseen world is sensed more than it is seen, our connection to the living world around us, perceptions about land- we don’t own the earth, we are guests.
  • How the unseen world communicates – through signs, symbols and synchronicities. All living things have their own consciousness or value, alienation that we feel/experience from disconnect, quantum physics, how do we fit into the greater whole, what is internal terrain and what is external terrain, how do we align our internal & external terrain, different kinds of time, stepping outside of time, rituals, building an altar, meditation, labyrinths, mantras, earthing, time in nature, plants and nature heal and nourish us, awe & gratitude, master plants- teacher plants, surrender, step outside your comfort zone.
  • Terrain Medicine is a conversation
  • How do we align and become in balance with our internal terrain and our external terrain?
  • We are nature and nature is us. We evolved together. How do we begin to find alignment with all living beings?
  • “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe”- John Muir

Sensitive people

  • Are sensitive people really a thing? What makes them different?
  • What are the downsides of being a sensitive person? What are their gifts?
  • What can sensitive people do to care for themselves?

Ancestor Healing

  • How to build your spiritual team.
  • Learn why inviting your ancestors in and creating a happy and healthy relationship with them is important for your own personal healing.
  • How to create a sacred space. How to build an ancestor altar. Best times to work with your altar and connect with ancestors. How to begin to speak to your ancestors. And how to continue to connect with them.

Heart Intelligence

  • The Heart has intelligence that is exclusive of the brain. And it offers us the ability to perceive and communicate in ways that we don’t have words to easily describe.
  • Understanding heart intelligence is the key to communicating with and accessing the unseen world and our magic.

Ancestor forgiveness ritual

  • Learn a ritual for exploring forgiveness — both offering and receiving — with older ancestors, remembered dead family members, and living family members.

The Witch Hunts and the Fall of Magic part 1

  • Learn about the beginning of the end of magic in Western society, going back to the time of “witches” and the witch hunts.
  • We explore the following questions: Who were the witches? When and why did the word witch arise? What role did they play in society?  How did magic play a role in our society?
  • Why what happened during this period still affects and holds many sensitive people back from their connection to nature and magic.

The Witch Hunts and the Fall of Magic part 2

  • The why of the Witch Hunts. Why did they happen, what were they designed to achieve, and did they achieve their goals?
  • In what ways do we still feel the effects of the witch hunts?

Ritual & Ceremony

  • What is ritual and why is important?
  • What are the elements of ritual?
  • What are the two kinds of time and why are they important?


  • What is initiation? Why is it important for your evolution and development?
  • Are there times in your life that you’ve been an outcast? What parts of you live in exile still?
  • Learn ways to navigate the process of initiation.

Synchronicity Part 1

  • Can you think of symbols, signs or synchronicities that have “woken you up?”
  • Try writing them down in as much detail or context as you remember. Did they guide you? How?

Synchronicity Part 2

  • When in your life have you stepped outside of time? What kinds of moments?
  • Are there particular people with whom you’ve had those sorts of experiences?
  • Have those moments changed you?


  • What is your shadow? How does it affect your life?
  • What are the ways it holds you back and what is there to teach you?
  • What are some ways to benefit from the wisdom of the shadow emotions?

Relationship with Gaia

  • How do you connect with living beings in your daily life?
  • What are some new ways to think about your relationship with plants, animals, rocks, Gaia Herself?

Language of the plants

  • Learn the concept of plant consciousness.
  • Our bodies are extensions of Mother Earth. The way plants interact and behave in our bodies are a reflection of how they behave when they interact with Her.
  • How do plants communicate their healing properties to us?

Dreams part 1

  • Are dreams important?
  • What role can they play in our lives?
  • How do we create a relationship with our dreams?

Dreams part 2

  • Dive deeper into dreams.
  • How can our dreams help us to navigate duality to reach a place of nuance, complexity and greater self-acceptance and self-love?

Animal consciousness Part 1

  • Which animals are conscious? Which animals aren’t?
  • How should we alter our actions based on the information we know about animal consciousness?

Animal consciousness Part 2

  • Develop a relationship with the animal world
  • Engage with the wisdom of the animals to better understand yourself and your purpose in the world

Audio Learning

Enjoy audios to support your journey.
They can be streamed or downloaded for you to enjoy whenever you wish.

New Moon Guided Meditation

  • Dive into the energy and magnificence of the new moon.

Heart Meditation

  • A heart opening and healing meditation.
  • It takes you to a place of compassion, gratitude and balance.

Journey to Your Inner Altar

  • Discover the safe sacred place inside of you, that you can access at anytime.

Experiential Learning
– At Home Exercises

Learn these sacred practices and have them to take with you for life

Ancestor Healing Forgiveness Ritual:

Building your altar: How to create a sacred space, where to do it, how to care for it, how to build an altar, what things you can/ might want to have on your altar, how to work with your altar.

Envisioning Your Future Self

This is an exercise about envisioning your transformation. It involves creating writing, art and audio.

Exercise on Shadow

This is a writing exercise to begin (or deepen) the process of discovery around what’s in your shadow, so you can bring it to light.

Live Q&A Mentorship Calls

4 live group mentorship Q&A sessions, with Dr. Maya available on video to answer your questions in real time. These will be recorded and made available for those who cannot attend.

Community of Support

Join our private online community. You’ll be given access to our private Facebook so that you can build friendships with other students, ask questions of Dr. Maya and receive guidance.

Although the course is 6 months, you’ll get access to the membership area and the private online community, for 1 year so you can return…


As soon as you register, get immediate access to the following bonus:

The Shetreat 28 Day Cleanse (valued at $297) to get you started on the right foot.

Immediate access to this course will come to your inbox after your payment is processed so you can begin to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the course to follow.

You’ll get access to the 28 Day Cleanse for a full year — go through it before, during or after the Terrain Institue, or return to it at any time during the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s why the Shetreat Certification Program is worth the investment. This 6 month group coaching intensive distills lessons and practices Dr. Maya learned from two decades of training and practice as an integrative pediatric neurologist, herbalist, and healer, from her shamanic practice, and from what she’s learned from countless elders, spiritual teachers, indigenous healers and ceremonies from around the world. Dr. Maya created this course so that you don’t have to invest all of that time and money and effort on your search. You can learn in the comfort of your own home. Or you can delve into different practices, identify what particularly calls to you, and pursue it.

This course will offer earth-based and other practices that will help you in your life right now. It will help you learn how to approach and manage stress, anxiety, sadness and other daily struggles in ways that can transform your physical and emotional health. You will also learn how you can apply what’s taught in the program to your own professional life.

This session of the Shetreat Certification Program will be 6 months of lectures, exercises, community, and Q&A. 

No problem. The 4 live calls will be recorded for those who can’t join us live, and recordings will be sent to you promptly. You’ll have access to the course for 1 year from purchase. You can complete the program at your convenience. You can always ask questions or share thoughts in the private online community, even while travelling.

Modules will be made available to you every month inside a private online member area, with audios, exercises and a project for you to work on. There will also be four live group mentorship Q&A calls with Dr. Maya that you can join live or listen to the recording after. Though you can complete the program at your convenience, we recommend doing your best to keep up with the content as it’s delivered to experience the full benefits of the program.

  • The Shetreat 28 Day Cleanse valued at $297 to get you started on the right foot. This will come to your inbox after your payment is processed so you can begin to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the course to follow. You’ll have access to the Cleanse for one year, so you can also take it at the time that works for you.
  • Priority access to handmade sacred tools and products for purchase which will always be made available first to Terrain Institute graduates.

Curiosity. Openness. A willingness to go deep. A desire to integrate earth-based practices into your life and the lives of the people around you. A desire to develop a richer relationship with yourself, the people around you, and the earth.

Healers—including healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists and therapists—may particularly benefit from this program if they’d like to address the suffering they hold as a result of working with the suffering of many.

Absolutely! In addition to exclusive access to the private student Facebook group, you’ll also be invited to participate in four live group Q&A calls with Dr. Maya so you can get all your questions answered live and receive personal support.

Our goal is for the Terrain Institute Shetreat Certification Program to be a deeply transformational experience for you and we are fully committed to your satisfaction. For this reason, we offer a 100% refund (minus a $197 administrative fee) for up to 21 days after the program commences, provided that you do actually participate in the program. If you take advantage of the lessons offered and participate in the community and don’t feel the program lives up to your expectations within that period, we’ll happily refund your investment.

Yes! You’ll receive a certificate and be listed as one of our graduates if you successfully complete all modules, monthly assignments and a final project. 

We are exploring if this course could be taught authentically and still acquire CE. At this time, however, no continuing education credits will be offered.

Included in The Shetreat Certification Program

  • 18 video lectures
  • Monthly downloadable audios
  • Monthly at home exercises
  • Monthly assignments
  • Monthly live Q&A mentorship calls
  • 1 year of access to the private online community
  • 1 year of access to the course materials
  • 1 year of access to the bonus Shetreat 28 Day Cleanse
  • Dedicated customer service from Dr. Maya’s experienced team

21-Day Money-back Guarantee

Our goal is for the Terrain Institute to be a deeply transformational experience for you and we are fully committed to your satisfaction. We offer a 100% tuition refund (minus a $197 administrative fee) for up to 21 days, provided that you participate in the program. If you watch the lessons offered, do the exercises and participate in the community and don’t feel completely satisfied within the first 21 days of the training, simply write us and we’ll happily refund you.

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