The Master Plant Transformation

A 7 week ceremonial journal to feel utterly alive

When was the last time you felt alive?

I’m talking about running outside barefoot,

feeling the wind against your skin,

and literally smelling the roses.

Hi, I'm Dr. Maya Shetreat, if you've been bogged down for way too long... I want to help you break that barrier and find your true self by walking you through an amazing 7 week guided journey of the wisdom of different Master Plants which will help you unlock your very own intrinsic awareness, that has been buried deep inside you for way too long, helping you become the person you were truly meant to be!

I’m talking about waking up in the morning, feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on whatever has been laid out on your plate.

I’m talking about closing your eyes, breathing in your surroundings, and listening to your intuition’s guidance.

That’s the kind of magic that will make you feel renewed, energized and utterly alive.

That’s the kind of magic that exists in the essence of plants.

Understand the teachings of plants and experience transformation into a more energetic and joyful you.

Because knowing the benefits of plants is one thing.

Experiencing their potency and magic is a whole different level.

That's why I put together the

In this program we will focus on...

Renewing Your Mojo

This sense of stress, dread, or fear can seriously mess with you. Your sleep, your level of energy, and even your ability to make clear decisions. And in turn, all of that “mess” affects how you operate in your life. 

Your job. Your money. Your relationships. Your parenting.

All of it.

Oof. Breathe. Inhale. Let out a nice long exhale.

It’s okay. This is what it feels like when you’ve depleted your mojo.

No one really talks about mojo, let alone how you can get it back.

But what if I told you that you can get it back? That you can infuse your life with a true sense of excitement and joy. Without hustle. Without an intense regimen. And without actively changing very much around you at all?

Two words:

Master Plants.

“Master Plants” is an indigenous term that describes profound spiritual teacher plants (including flowers and fungi) that assist and guide us as we navigate transitions and the edges of our comfort zones.

They’re our teachers. Our guides. They’re ancestors who can offer us wisdom, support, and guidance in exactly the moments we need them.

And they help you see the part of yourself that’s already entered the future and is reaching out to bring the rest of you to where you need to be.

And yes, I’m talking about the obviously powerful exotic plants like cacao, coffee, and even psychedelics.

But these messages also come from unassuming weeds taking over your garden or the wild mushrooms that grow along the trail you hike in the woods.

Each of these plants have wisdom that can guide you through the parts of yourself that feel like struggle, so you can feel rested, held, guided, and filled with an abundance of life force.

Master Plants are ready to help.

All you’ve got to do is listen.

Energy. Clarity. Authentic living.

This 7-week program was created for people who are ready to transform into the human being they were meant to be.

Joyful. Connected. Reverent. Fully alive.

More play. Less work.

Quiet Sanctuary

It may be hard to believe - but here’s the honest truth: There is nothing extra you have to necessarily do. The most powerful part of this journey is that there is no cookie-cutter checklist to find these parts of yourself. You don’t have to add a million things to your routine, travel to the four corners of the world, or even ingest any of the plants themselves.

You can find power in stillness, silence and ceremony. That’s where your deepest messages are heard and the language of Earth is shared.

It’s where you can create a sanctuary for yourself.

Easy Practices

Together, we’ll walk through a variety of practices and ceremonies you can easily replicate when you need. Each week, we’ll go through the learning process and then I’ll provide you with a practice to implement at a time that works for you.

These practices have been specifically designed for you to regulate your nervous system so you can sleep well, feel guided, and have great energy.

The Community that’s Already there

Here’s my promise. You don’t have to do this alone. You never had to. Even when it’s felt like you’ve been alone in the journey.

Your ancestors, your guides, the invisible world all around you… they’ve been there all along. And this “invisible” community is simply waiting for you to learn their language so they can better support you in your abundant transformation.

The Master Plants Transformation was created for people who have craved a more abundant life full of excitement and vitality.

Absorb the practical wisdom of Master Plants Transformation and gain clarity on:

Why doing nothing isn’t lazy

Why making time for play will help you manifest your dreams

How to create sanctuary for yourself on every level

How to sleep better, dream better, and have great energy

Guidance to tap into your intuition easily

Engage with your joy right now instead of waiting for it to happen

How to cultivate more meaningful relationships with the people and natural world around you

In just 7 sessions over 7 weeks, you’ll experience a guided journey with the wisdom of different Master Plants to help you unlock knowledge that has been buried deep inside of you.

What’s included:

Regular love notes from Dr. Maya

Easy-to-do practices to regulate your nervous system and strengthen your heart-brain connection

Ancient and cutting-edge wisdom on plants, mushrooms, psychedelics and flower essences

Informational recordings

Meditations and rituals

Journal prompts

Live Q&A

And a live ceremony!

Your vital master plants transformation: $497

The Magical Song Inside of You

As we get older and adults teach us that we should prioritize the practical over the magical. That song becomes distant. Everything about it sounds like an echo of a memory.

But now is the time to rediscover that song and turn the volume up.

Sing along to the language of lyrics of the trees, flowers, and plants around you.

Add to the melody nature provides.

Create the perfect harmony between your mind, your body, and your spirit with the guides the universe provides you.

And dance to that song with the volume turned all the way up.

The Master Plants are holding a mic out for you to join them.

You just have to ask them to help turn the dial for you.

It's time for a transformation~ Join us now!

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